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Hahn's of Westminster


Hahn's history

Founder William F. MyersIt all began over 100 years ago (1896) when William F. Myers of Pleasant Valley, Carroll County, Maryland established his meat packing business.  The plant was located at the corner of Liberty and Green Streets in Westminster, Maryland.  He would carry his meat products by train to Baltimore where he'd use a wagon to deliver them around the city.  His business grew from there.

Meanwhile, back in the valley two of William's daughters married two boys from Pleasant Valley.  Their names were; Joseph & Norval Hahn.  Mr. Myers',  whose business was thriving, decided to help his new sons-in-law by getting them started in a meat packing business of their own.  The year was 1918 when Hahn's of Westminster was founded.


 Hewnry RedmerIn 1948, Henry F. Redmer Jr. was recruited from the National Biscuit Co. by his cousins at Hahn's to help sell their meat in Baltimore.  Mr. Redmer had grown up in Baltimore and knew a lot about the area, but not too much about the meat business.  However, he knew how to work, and set up an advanced sales system.  He would take orders all day from customers and then each evening race to the train station dodging trolley cars to make it in time to send the orders by train to Westminster.  The men in the plant packed the orders that night and loaded them on Hahn's trucks to be delivered the next day in Baltimore.

 A great deal has changed over the years.  Mr. Redmer saw the business grow and by the time his children started working (1968-1978) we were delivering to customers from Virginia and Washington D. C. to Southern Pennsylvania.  In 1981, the Redmer family's cousins who owned Wm. F. Myers & Sons decided to retire.  At this point Hahn's acquired their business; continuing to service their customers and produce their recipes.  The Redmer family owned and operated the business until 2006 when they sold the business to one of their employees.  

The new owner, Edward Ladzinski, has nearly 30 years working in all aspects of the meat business. His knowledge and proactive ideas has allowed Hahn's to grow in leaps and bounds. However, even with this growth Ed has kept true to the ideals that Hahn's is known for...the finest quality products, traditional recipes and loyalty to our customers. Ed maintains a close relationship to the Redmer's to ensure that the Hahn's tradition is NEVER lost.

We owe most of our success to our loyal employees.  With their experience and devotion to quality we have been able to keep up with an ever-changing market.

 Some things, however don't change.  We still use only the highest quality, premium cuts of meat to begin our traditional process of trimming, grinding, slicing, seasoning, curing, and smoking.  We also still use many of the same recipes that William F. Myers used over a century ago

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